Sizing Charts

NOTE: We apologize when you find any apparel items with no full sizing details available on such items' product pages, such as jeans with only waist sizes (example: waist - 30) but no length sizes (example: length - 34) that should have been (30x34), etc, please don't let this lack of details hold you back from ordering. What you can do only for now is - you can indicate the important message to us in your shopping cart's online form "Special instructions for seller, if any" with the note informing us of the full sizes you need. We will ship you the items with those sizes as you indicate. This inconvenience is only temporary as we are working to correct the existing situation as fast as we can. Thank you for your cooperation!



  • 2XS or XXS: Extra Extra Small
  • XS: Extra Small
  • S: Small
  • M: Medium
  • L: Large
  • XL: Extra Large
  • 2XL or XXL: Extra Extra Large
  • 3XL or XXXL: Extra Extra Extra Large
  • And so on...
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